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3D works
I enjoy making 3D pieces; using what ever I see around that inspires me.






some from

old timbers

worn into

interesting textures

Faces on Blue.jpg

and some

just for


sometimes these were made from old kitchen drawers

Some were made from clay, papier mache or some combination of all that was available

                                                                           Most are a statement on social history and attitudes;

                                                                                                                                    some drawing on historical events;

                                                                                                                                                                                 some just because I saw some image that intrigued me.

Eliza Hall -detail.jpg



Eliza Hall arrived with the First Fleet at 17.

For minor crime she was incarcerated in Sydney & Norfolk Island. She died at age 42, in Paramatta Asylum .. one of our first

'Boat People"  ... how little has changed!

As a young boy I kept birds ... pigeons, finches etc

Then I realised 'Caged Birds' were rather sad


Richard Head ..

(or Joint Head of Dept)

with eyes made from lamb bones ... 

My response to a misogynist politician

In Morocco women were somewhat 'hidden', maybe caged?

Old buildings were often 'decorated' with beautiful arabic script.

I was amused to discover this was advertising COCA COLA

Caged Bird 1

Caged Bird 2

Head on poles.jpg

Silent witnesses watching Guard.


Caged Bird with Coca Cola.


'Tourists' at

Spicers Tamarind


entry in Sculpture on the Edge

Memories ...

of date palms

along the

Great Oasis

And Heritage


in Morocco.

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