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Jim makes art! It is his reason for being. He loves teaching; he loves seeing his work contribute by enriching and educating others. He is also passionate about Australia ... its lands, it flora and its fauna. He has never been primarily motivated by needing to sell work ... but now sees his work as a way to make people REALLY look at their surroundings and appreciate all we have.


The continuing degrading of the status of our iconic animals to 'endangered', or 'threatened', angers Jim. So during Covid lock down he decided to channel that anger into something positive.


He started a new series of artwork .. of animals he cared about, trying to find a way; combining art and humour, to help US see the damage that we are doing to THEM. 

"There are so many nocturnal animals most Aussies have never seen or heard of, and we have little awareness of the damage we do to them! A collaboration with Maleny author & environmentalist, Elaine Green seeks to change this. My artwork formed the basis of an exhibition, and inspired by my crazy titles, Elaine's wonderful words are as if spoken by each animal.  We produced a great little  book; SOS- Save our Species'. It shines a light on the  destructive imbalance between us, (as interlopers) and our native fauna and flora ... hopefully we realise that WE are the problem ... before we loose more of our unique fauna.

IThe exhibition 'Save our Series', was well received and many works sold. The following works still remain and are for sale. All works are matted and framed in black at size of 65cm X 55cm

IWarrior Wombats assemble around

an old Flag 

$1050   .. plus postage

The extremely pissed-off Bandicoot

Brigade turns it's back on OZ

$980  ... plus postage

The Queens own Quoll join

the Conflict

$1100  .. plus postage

A Squad of Shearwater fed-up to their necks with Plastic


A mobile Troop of Corroboree Frogs heed the call

$980 .. plus postage

IA Grouchy Army of Grunter

demand more water

$940 ... plus postage

"SOS' books can be purchased

       for $25 per copy plus postage

Jim would like to see these ideas viewed by every Australian
                          ... on the wall or in the book shelf  ... to help in
                                                 the survival of this unique environment


Of the SOS artworks, all 24 are available as Limited Edition prints.

They can be shipped anywhere in Australia in a standard mail tube ... price is $275 incl postage


The following images (as contained in the SOS book) are ALL available as limited edition prints

A phalanyx of extremely

pissed-off koalas 

A formation of Fat-tailed Dunnarts

fed-up with fatuous politicians

Mulgara show their flag of choice (upside down as the sun sets)

An angry Comapany of

Cassowaries ready to fight

A Company of Cockies collectively heed the Call

A mobile Troop of Corroboree

Frogs heed the call

Militant Monotremes make a move

An unruly and petrified

Platoon of Pigmy Possums

The Queen's own Quoll

join the conflict

A small troop of Numbat

gather for the Cause

A Squad of Shearwater fed-up

to their Necks with Plastic

A Column of Crows

create Chaos

A column of Kanga made cantankerous  by constant culling

A Brazen Band of Bilby ready

for the Battle

A Squad of Kultar find they

can't make up the numbers

Warrior Wombats assemble around an Old Flag

The extremely pissed-off Bandicoot Brigade turns it's back on OZ

A Formation of Feathertail Gliders freak out over fake flowers

A Legion of Lyrebirds loudly proclaim their anger

A Garrison of Gouldian Finches

show their colours

A Command of Common Coot complain about Catastrophic clearing

The Aviators arrive to form

into Squadrons

A grouchy Army of Grunter

demand more water

Regimental Red-bellied Blacks

respond to the Cause


     Details of the work can be seen in the SOS book which can be purchased for $30 incl postage

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