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Passionate about Australian wildlife I have illustrated many books and articles throughout my life. Some have been commissions and some have been freebies ... believing in the cause and the project


SOS ... Save our Species              published July 2022; ISBN 978-0-646-86187-6


An illustrated book attempting to bring attention, in an amusing way,

    to the tragic destruction of so many of our native Australian animals.

       This book is a collaboration with Elaine Green, an environmental

           writer, editor, and friend, who has captured the essence of the artwork

               with words that appear to speak directly to us, the reader!


                        In a unique way she points out the careless and thoughtless

                    behaviour that we inflict upon the lives of our unique animals ...

               with no apparent  recognition of the harm we do to them.

            The images in this book are the result of a life-time passion for wildlife

       and a career spent as  artist and art teacher in Qld, NSW, Vic and SA.

Below is an example of two of the 24 images that  appear in the book.


 Not only an interesting and amusing book for children it is also informative for many Australian adults


whose knowledge of our unique native animals is so sadly lacking



Military terms have been used intentionally as the relationship between Australians and their unique wildlife


is surely on a 'war' footing.

 The extremely pissed-off Bandicoot Brigade turns its back on OZ

Ignorant humans might regard us as common and unimportant, but they don’t get to see us because we only come out at night. We are not fussy eaters being omnivores, but dogs and cats are our worst enemies.

We have a great sense of smell, lovely long curved toes and are very good at digging but all you will see of us is the conical hole we leave in your lawn. Think of it as a free aeration service. Actually, without us turning over the soil, it would be far less productive. We also disperse fungi spores and make a jolly good contribution to plant diversity.

Bandicoots are joining the war to stand up before it is too late.

When Europeans came to Australia, there were 9 species. Of these 2 species are now extinct and 4 are threatened with extinction with only 3 to go. Some kind humans called conservationists are actually creating safe places for us to live called reserves but they need funding to do more.

It could be the only way to keep us alive as suburbs take over our homes and natural bushlands become rarer.

We Shearwater are often called mutton birds and we are one of the very few Australian native birds that are still commercially harvested. Even though we hide away in remote places and islands, humans pull us out of our nests

for our feathers and oil. Humans have eaten us and our eggs for tens of thousands of years; they say our flesh taste like mutton. What would they know! Humans use the ocean as a dump, putting more than 10 million metric tons

of plastic into the sea every year. We think it is food and feed it to our young. Every year our chicks are washing up dead on the east coast with their stomachs full of plastic.

We are joining the war to stop plastic polluting the oceans. Let us be clear that this is a global problem.

Banning single use plastics is a no brainer but recycling is just an excuse to keep on buying plastic products. They never biodegrade; they break down into micro particles and enter the food chain. Please don’t buy or use any more plastic products. Politicians can make industry find more environmentally friendly alternatives.

For information about this purchasing book .. please contact Jim at

  The Magic of

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

   A Celebration of Art and Nature                                                              Edited by Dr Les Hall;  published 2019;  ISBN 978-0-6485707-1-4
Conceived by Les Hall; contributed to by 17 local artists from the Blackall Ranges,
  This book can be purchase from the Mary Cairncross Reserve, Maleny.

 I enjoyed working with Les Hall enormously on many illustrations for this publication. The following images are some of those illustrations.



The Book of Krumple

Here are 3

examples of

the pages

in this


This book was self-published and written for the children in my life. It has 24 pages of brightly coloured illustrations and large text for early reading. It has an environmental theme ... a fictitious, fat & lazy animal that eats cats!

Despite rather loving cats myself my Krumple could thereby protect our tiny native animals, helping to save them from what seems like impending extinction This is a gently story, mad enough to appeal to childrenof all ages, and adults as well. But the topic is deadly serious.



The following are publications I was involved with through illustrations; design or inclusion of my artworks  from 1970 onwards

2018                                                         2016                                                              2012                                                2011                                              2010                              

 1992                                                        1992                                                          1992                                                        1990                                                1990

Scan 3.jpeg

1988                                                       1988                                                         1988                                                    1987                                             1987

1985                                                           1983                                                          1980                                                        1979                                                      1973

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