Throughout my life I have illustrated for publications, brochures & booklets. Most have been about wildlife, wild places or work places experiences.

Often I have been able to combine issues I supported ideologically or politically in a cartoonist format

The Book of Krumple

This book was self-published and written originally for the children in my life. It has 24 pages of brightly coloured illustrations and large text for early reading.

It has an environmental theme ... a fictitious, fat & lazy animal that eats cats. Despite rather loving cats myself my Krumple could thereby protect our tiny native animals, helping to save them from what seems like impending extinction??

This is a gently story, mad enough to appeal to children of all ages, and adults as well. But the topic is deadly serious.


If you would like to purchase one, or 2 or 3 of these .. please contact me.

Price is $15 PLUS postage (A4 size)