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something about me

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and have drawn since the age of 3. My formal training was at RMIT, and 'the Gallery School' in Melbourne.  I then worked in industry as a graphic designer and learned more of the skills needed to proceed to TAFE teaching, book illustrating & painting/drawing for professional development and FUN.
I have always been passionate about Australian wildlife and illustrated for National Parks and Wildlife publications, other small NPF nature magazines, Steve Parish Productions and Jacaranda Press. I self published 'The Book of Krumple' .. an illustrated  story about protecting wildlife from cats ... see  image
Now 'retired' I spend most days of the week in one of my 2 studios. Some of my work is about the abstracting of reality through focusing on light and shade, and the juxtaposition of new growth and decay.
Much of my present work is a daily diary, as I enter images and ideas for further exploration in my journal each morning. Often this is inspired by what I do each day, seeking to create sustainable gardens and the enjoyment of the  'sanctuary' that I share with my partner in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.
I work in acrylic/gouache/oil/pastel/mixed media and can't resist the lure of clay, plaster, timber, whatever ... for 3D works. I still exhibit widely as the fancy takes me, and enter competitions winning the occasional Award.
I am active in the community as a member of many groups associated with the arts, community, politics and of course ... the environment. 
My work is held in Galleries & Private Collections throughout Australia and several overseas.
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