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SOS ... limited edition prints

During the month of April 2023 these will be shown at Vianta Cafe and Gallery, Beerwah          A selection of the most popular 16 images will be on sale as framed prints from 3rd to 29th April from 6.30 to 5pm

The original artwork was done during Covid and launched at an exhibition in July 2022 ... (see below). Jim has decided to extend the reach of this important work with a showing of sixteen framed prints and two of the original artworks. These will be on sale from the cafe alongside a second edition print run of the ‘SOS book’.


Vianta Café opens Sun to Thurs 6.30am to 5pm, and they celebrate each Friday evening, to 10pm with tapas, meals, live music. (book at


Jim's 'Launch’ will be on Friday 14th April from 6.30 -10pm and Jim and his partner Pam Maegdefrau will be there to meet and greet you. Come along to enjoy the art, the music and tapas and please book at Vianta to secure your table. Vianta Cafe will be closed on Good Friday, 7th April.


Pam and Jim will be enjoying tapas on subsequent Fridays: 21st and 28th April to enjoy the ambiance and to sign books.

All framed prints are $460  

SOS book ... $25

These two are original artwork, (framed)  and somewhat larger than the prints


A mobile troop of Corroboree frog  heed the call .. $1200

A grouchy Army of Grunter demand more water .. 1150

                                           ********************************************************************************************************************                             An exhibition of 24 artworks featuring native Australian animals was held at Mary Cairncross Reserve, Maleny from 16th-31st July 2022.

         This was accompanied by a book launch of "SOS.. Save our Species" with words from Elaine Green and images from Jim Cox.

                         The works were well received with 15 original artworks sold during the exhibition, and over 200 books.

        Limited edition prints were also offered to visitors to the exhibition and these continue to be ordered .. see 'Prints' page

                               The following 10 original artworks are still available: original works framed are 650mm X 550mm.

 These works can be purchased by contacting Jim at">











The Queens own quoll join the conflict

                                $1100 (freight extra)

The extremely pissed-off Bandicoot

Brigade turns its back on OZ      $980









Warrior Wombats assemble around an old flag                                  $1050

Heading 2

A grouchy Army of Grunter demand

more water                                   $940

A squad of Shearwater fed-up to their                   A phalanx of extremely pissed-off                     A mobile Troop of Corroboree Frog

necks with plastic                        $1050                  Koalas                                        $890                      heed the call                                $980

An unruly and petrified Platoon of Pigmy Possums                      $1050

Mulgara show their flag of choice

(upside down as the sun sets)    $1075

Jim's two life long passions have been making art and discovering Australian Native Animals.

"I have illustrated for many environmental publications all my life hoping to make a difference!

But it seems no matter how many passionate Australians try to reverse the situation ...

the extinctions continue"

This project was Jim's most ambitious for some time.   Started during Covid lock down it is a collection of environmental artworks  he hopes may cut through in a different way.

Collaboration with author Elaine Green has produced a publication 'SOS ... Save our Species' ...

which contains Jim's images and Elaine's delightful and insightful text as if spoken by each animal. (for more details see Books)

Our First Nations people must despair at our mismanagement and destructive practices.

Is it too late to turn this around and SAVE OUR SPECIES? I think we must!


      During the exhibition, local environmental volunteers from Barung Landcare,Maleny;

Montville's Russell Family Park 'Bush Regeneration' group, Sunshine Coast's 'Backyards for Biodiversity'

and Glossy Black Cockatoo Conservacy, Citizen Science Projects,

talked to visitors about their projects ...

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