SOS .. save our species

   An exhibition of 24 artworks featuring native Australian animals to be held at

Mary Cairncross Reserve Mountain View Rd, Maleny  ... from 16th -31st July, 2022, 10am -2pm        

And a book launch with words from Elaine Green, and images of the animals chosen by Jim Cox


The works shown here are a small selection of the animals featured in the exhibition.

Jim's two life long passions have been making art and discovering Australian Native Animals.

I have illustrated for many environmental publications all my life hoping to make a difference!

But it seems no matter how many passionate Australians try to reverse the situation ... extinctions continue.    

                    This project is Jim's most ambitious to date .. a collection of environmental artworks that

he hopes may cut through in a different way.

Collaboration with author Elaine Green has produced a publication 'SOS ... Save our Species'

which contains images and Elaine's text as if spoken by each animal. (more details see Books)

Our First Nations people must despair at our mismanagement and destructive practices.

Is it too late to turn this around and SAVE OUR SPECIES? I think we must!


A series of limited edition prints of the original artworks will be available for purchase alongside this wonderful little book


              During the exhibition, environmental volunteers will be talk to visitors about their projects ...

 PROGRAM of Volunteer Speakers:

WEDNESDAY 20th July 11am -12 noon ... forest revegetation...

ERIC ANDERSON AM is passionate about conservation and the environment. After graduating from the Uni of Qld with an Agricultural Science Degree he spent 40 years working for the Qld Dept of Primary Industries. He was mainly involved in grazing land management. Throughout this time he was, and still is, an active member of Native Plants Qld, Birdlife Southern Qld and the Qld Naturalists’ Club.

Preparing for first planting, June 2008                                                                  

An established rainforest, Oct 2018

Diana and I moved to the Range in 2005 and in 2008 began working weekly with a small group of volunteers to return the original rainforest to the northern end of Russell Family Park in Montville. The aim was to create a green backdrop for the lagoons and provides visitors with the opportunity to appreciate some of the diversity of the local rainforest flora and fauna.

THURSDAY 21st July 11am -12 noon .. Gardens for Wildlife

Megan Lee.png

MEGAN LEE is Education and Communications Officer for Barung Landcare and has been working with communities all over Australia through the Landcare movement for 15 years. Megan is passionate about making conservation accessible to anyone no matter where they are on their journey. 

Join Megan for an informative talk about how you can make a difference from your own property, backyard or even your balcony! She will share information about Barung Landcare’s Gardens for Wildlife and Rainforest Resilience programs, and how the whole community can make a difference when it comes to saving our species.

TUESDAY 26th July 11.00 - 12.00 noon

KEN CROSS  ... is a secondary school teacher and keen birder, naturalist and conservationist. 
He is the Sunshine Coast convenor for Birdlife Australia and is the instigator, with
John Birbeck of a new environmental group, Backyards for Biodiversity SEQ.

This new organisation exists to encourage residents of SEQ to recognise the potential

of their backyards, and urban areas generally, for biodiversity. The basic message

is to plant local native plants, which are the basis for any local ecology.

Native animals need native plants!   

THURSDAY 28th July 11am -12 noon

NARELLE  McCARTHY is liason and advocate Officer

for the Sunshine Coast Environmental Council

As the Sunshine Coast’s peak environmental advocacy group since 1980 and one of nine regional Conservation Councils in Queensland, SCEC continues to be at the forefront to protect, conserve and restore the region’s natural environment and ecosystems.

Narelle will provide an overview of SCEC’s projects, campaigns and activities such as

‘Floodplains to Forests’

and being a party in two Planning and Environment Court appeals. 

FRIDAY 29th July 11am -12 noon .. Glossy Black Cockatoo Conservation

Tallest tree Tuan  June 2021
JANET CAREW is privileged to be the current custodian of a property that is a hotspot
for the vulnerable Glossy Black-Cockatoo.                                                   

Moving to this property at Mooloolah in 2002, she joined Barung Landcare and other conservation organisations. Her property was registered with Land for Wildlife in 2003 and Janet placed a Conservation Covenant on the property more than ten years ago. She has worked as a volunteer with Barung Landcare, Hinterland Bushlinks and Mooloolah Valley Planters and Weeders, among other conservation groups.

She is an active contributor to the Glossy Black Conservancy’s research and conservation of the Glossy Black-Cockatoo and continues to do research into the complexities of feeding habitat for this beautiful bird, currently with the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Janet will discuss the importance of citizen scientists in research generally, and in Glossy Black-Cockatoo conservation in particular