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Working on some 'drawer sculptures'

I grew up in Melbourne and trained as a graphic designer. I worked in industry for 14yrs, then took teaching positions in TAFE Qld, Brisbane, Townsville, and Brisbane again. Since retiring to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland I have, with my partner Pam Maegdefrau, created a fauna and flora sanctuary which has become my inspiration. I work mainly in mixed media, acrylics and also like to play with 3D works using found objects, recycled materials, clay and timber.

environmental issues
using my art practise

Brush turkeys welcomed in my understory

My forest is beautiful even as it dies


The moonlight exposes nocturnal mammals

I have been painting and drawing all my life using any medium available. I prefer the immediacy of acrylic, oil pastel or gouache which allows me to express ideas and observations, using vibrant colours.


My 15 years in Townsville gave me the opportunity to indulge my other passion .. discovering natural wonders of the Far North ..the bush .. and illustrating many books.


My work often reflects a theme or a place that appeals to me ... somewhat like a diary of my life. Sometimes a frivolous title or rendition hides a serious intent


I am passionate about preserving native fauna and flora .. and believe that my role ... upholding the ancient craft of art-making can be used a s a form of activism.

I see my future artwork as a collaboration with other conservationists in the Sunshine Coast

Since Covid I have been working on a series of work that I hope will bring more attention to Australian Natural History. It is an ancient ecosystem and unique to this world .... we need to understand it ... so we can preserve it.

Through exhibitions and book publications I hope to progress the knowledge of our land ... and have these books in every household!

SOS .. Save our Species ... 2022

POP .. Protect our Pollinators  ... 2023

Jim Cox ..  artist, teacher, environmentalist.
He works out of Flying Porky Studios, Montville, Qld

POP - Protect Our Pollinators

Exhibition and Book Launch
Nov 25th -Dec 3rd 2023

SOS ... Save Our Species

Book and artwork available

Copies of SOS ... Save Our Species book and artwork are available in our online store

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