I have been painting and drawing all my life using any medium available but I prefer acrylic, oil pastel or gouache which allow an immediacy in expressing ideas and observations, and produce vibrant colours. I have long had a passion for Natural History and  my work often reflects a theme or a place.

I have lived in Queensland many years, retiring to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where my partner and I have created a fauna and flora sanctuary which has become my inspiration. I also like to play with 3D works using found objects, recycled materials, clay and timber.


Sometimes a frivolous title or rendition hides a serious intent as I am passionate about preserving native fauna and flora .. and upholding the ancient craft of art-making.

Desert Icon.jpg

inside my studio  .. Flying Porky Studio Montville

 working on some 'drawer sculptures'

     and ... working on ideas for future pieces ...

Monsterio sketch.jpg
Rabbit hunter.jpg

Desert Icon                                                             Pigeon                                                                                  study for Monstereo                                                  Junior Rabbit Hunter