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Exhibition and Book Launch


an exhibition of recent artwork : and book launch

a collaboration with  local author and environmentalist Elaine Green


to be held from Saturday 25th November to 3rd December 2023

at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Gallery, Maleny

open from 10am to 2pm


Jim's artwork forms the basis of this book .. POP - Protect our Pollinators 

with research and words from Elaine that asks us to see, understand and care for

these important animals.

A series of talks has been arranged from 11.00 -12.00 on
Tues.  28th Nov:      John Birbeck .. co-founder of Backyards for Biodiversity
Wed.   29th Nov       Cam Burton  Nursery Manager, Barung Landcare
Thur.   30th Nov       Tyron Kauwe  SCC Enviromentalist ... Flying Foxes
Friday.1st Dec          Liz Capelin & Mandy Botterell:  Tiny Giants and
                                      Big Butterfly Count

Tyron will guide a roost tour
in Maleny Thurs morn.
for more info and booking ...

these are some of the images of the artworks .. 
all in mixed media and a range of sizes and formats
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