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Open Studios 2024 ... Jim is opening his Montville studio this year again ...
 ....  Mon 22nd May; Sat 25th & Sun 26th May .. 10am to 4pm


He has been working hard to prepare his studio for this event being organised by Arts Connect Inc. -  a Sunshine Coast association supporting local artists.

Jim was one of the founding members of Arts Connect Inc. established in 2018 and is excited to see that the group is still alive and doing very well!

for more details see ...

His studio is brimming with work as he has also pulled out original artworks hidden in his filing cabinets for many years. As a busy illustrator over many years for Nature Magazines and Local History publications, he retained the artwork that was produced for these productions. They are unframed work, some matted, all wonderful and the books that they were produced for, are listed in this website  ... under 'books'

 These large canvases 910cm X910cm are some of his acrylic works inspired by his rainforest garden.

There are smaller canvases of a similar style  610m sq and 450cmsq.

He has many others styles, all demonstrating the same skill and attention to detail. He is inspired to draw and paint from everyday events; from places he visits and the interests he holds.

These are a few of his pen and ink illustrations: from travel in Morocco; composition in a nearby rainforest, and a compilation of 'found objects' he has kept as treasures

Jim has always been passionate about the environment .. and loved seeing our unique Australian animals in the wild, illustrating them often. Recently he has embarked on a series of books that were inspired by hearing that the status of some of our most iconic animals

have joined the list of 'endangered', in particular our koala!


So he set to work to produce two exhibitions of work that were exhibited at the

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Gallery, Mountain View Rd, Maleny. 

A collaboration with Maleny writer Elaine Green led to the publication of two books.

Jim's wonderful images and quirky titles inspired amusing yet cautionary words

from Elaine ... alerting US to our lack of understanding and care.

SOS, 'Save our Species' was launched in July 2022;

and POP, 'Protect our pollinators' in Nov 2023

these books can be purchased through local bookshops and Landcare organisations ...

and direct from the author

This Open Studio showing will be an eclectic mix of work from a 65yr career ... that has combined his very serious conviction of landcare and conservation values
with his crazy sense of humour and fun.
His next planned exhibition will include many more Native animals, exploring the impacts of introduced FERALS  .. what they have contributed to Australia ... good and bad.
A date has yet to be set ... but work has been done, plans are in motion .. so stay tuned!
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