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Jim grew up in Melbourne where almost no animals were native .. mostly

introduced! Over the years he has lived in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and

Townsville; becoming a 'bushy' wherever he lived. His two passions are

'making art' and studying Australian wildlife. Unsurprisingly he retired from

teaching to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, 100klm north of Brisbane, and

bought enough land to plant a rainforest and with his partner, ceramist Pam

Maegdefrau they have together created an intimate wildlife sanctuary.


Every day there is something

to observe, to discover, to draw.

And to slowly watch wildlife

return to their natural environment.

But so sadly the status of

'endangered', or 'threatened'

species continues!


During Covid, Jim decided he would try to channel his anger into something 

positive. Perhaps he could make us understand the damage we are doing?

There are many nocturnal animals most Aussies have never seen nor heard

of. There is too little awareness of the damage we continue to do. Hoping to                                                                     change this, Jim collaborated with Maleny author & environmentalist, Elaine                                                          and El Green. The artwork he created for an exhibition, became the basis of a book,

'SOS-Save our Species', which shines a light on this state of affairs, hopefully

before we loose more of our unique fauna. The titles of Jim's artworks put these animals on a war footing with us ... "A Column of Kanga made cantankerous by Constant Culling" ... lined up like soldiers about to be mobilised; or "Militant Monotremes make a Move" ... against a background of our historical rebel 'Eureka' Flag!








Launched in the Gallery of an iconic Rainforest Reserve in Maleny, the last                      

remnant of the original rainforests of the Blackall Ranges ... this was the perfect location.

Elaine's words are cautionary, informative, and inspired by Jim's crazy and funny titles.

But both their works are deadly serious; as they ask the reader to take note, and take more care.

SOS was launched, July 2022 and very well received.


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A second project: "POP-Protect our Pollinators" followed this initiative and was launched on the 25th November 2023 to support the annual 'National Pollinators Week' in November. Again a collection of artwork from Jim and wonderful research and words from Elaine; a successful exhibition and another great book!.

Exploring the native animals that support our forests and our flora is a new adventure and many participants, as pollinators will be a surprise to many of us.

The books are available to purchase through local bookshops and Landcare Groups and direct from the artist.


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