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An illustrated book attempting to bring attention, in an amusing way, to the tragic destruction of so many of our native Australian animals.


​This book is a collaboration with Elaine Green, an environmental writer, editor, and friend, who has captured the essence of the artwork with words that appear to speak directly to us, the reader!


In a unique way she points out the careless and thoughtless behaviour that we inflict upon the lives of our unique animals ... with no apparent  recognition of the harm we do to them.


​The images in this book are the result of a life-time passion for wildlife and a career spent as  artist and art teacher in Qld, NSW, Vic and SA.


Below is an example of two of the 24 images that  appear in the book.


​Not only an interesting and amusing book for children it is also informative for many Australian adults whose knowledge of our unique native animals is so sadly lacking


Military terms have been used intentionally as the relationship between Australians and their unique wildlife is surely on a 'war' footing.


Price includes shipping within Australia.

SOS ... Save our Species

  • Published July 2022; ISBN 978-0-646-86187-6

    ​24 detailed illustrations accompanied by text, both informative and amusing.

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